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Band Office


Amanda Francis

Director of Administration

Bobbie Labradore

Administrative Assistant

Robyn Crowe

Executive Assistant

to the Chief

Ashley Crocker

Director of Finance

Jason Macleod

Housing and Infrastructure Officer

Don Conners

Glooscap Ventures Finance

Michelle Gregory

Financial Controller

Sandy Fisher

Community Services Officer

Gail Tupper

Natural Resources Officer

Matt Thomson


Catherine Smith

Community Complex Manager

Amanda Peters

Director of Policy and Planning

Marilyn Perkins

Education Officer

Health and Healing Centre


Charlotte Warrington

Health Director

Kelly Trefry

Health Centre

Administrative Assistant

Heidi Fraser

Community Health Nurse, 

Jordan Smith

Mi'kmaw Physical Activity Leadership (MPAL)


Tammy Pineo

NACADA & Community Support Worker


Economic Development

Liz Morine

Acting CEO of Economic Development

Michael Peters

Vice President of

Corporate Development

Daniel Matthews

Vice President of Seafood

Audrey Michaud

Office Manager

Stacey Maguire

Health and Safety Officer

Burnell Lyons

Retail Operations Manager

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Staff Directory

Band Office

(902) 684 9788


Health Centre

(902) 684 0165


Economic Development

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