Housing and Infrastructure


Housing and Maintenance

        This department coordinates design, construction and maintenance of public housing and band-owned businesses. The Department is comprised of a Construction Crew, a Housing Officer and support staff.

        The Housing Officer ensures homes are well-maintained, that housing agreements are kept up-to-date, and liaisons with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), applying for grants and program funds. On-reserve housing requests should be directed to this department to be placed on the waiting list.

Public Works

Public works includes the Water Treatment Centre, Sanitation, Water Testing, Pool Maintenance and Emergency Measures.

  • Water Treatment Centre: GFN in partnership with the Town of Hantsport opened a new water treatment plant in 2004. The Treatment Centre ensures GFN community members have clean and safe drinking water.

  • Water Testing: Providing clean, quality and safe drinking water is a priority to GFN. The Community-based Water Monitor works collaboratively and in partnership with Health Canada. TRAX tests the water for bacteria, and provides reports on the outcomes. Community homes and businesses are tested weekly.

  • Emergency Measures: GFN has a trained coordinator through the Atlantic Policy Congress in emergency measures. The coordinator is trained in prevention and mitigation, preparedness in the case of an emergency, response and recovery. The Coordinator is the lead in contacting Council and agencies when an emergency situation takes place, and implements and updates the Community’s Emergency Measure Plan.

  • Pool: In the summer time, GFN has a pool open to band members and their families. The Pool Attendant cleans the pool twice daily, while providing water samples to Holland Pools bi-monthly.

Housing Application