For any member wishing to take part in the Treaty Education Poster Contest please see the poster below for information. Best wishes to all who participate.

Treaty Ed Poster final

For any member interested in Mi'kmaq language opportunities please check out the attached Master Apprenticeship Program. See poster attached.

Master Apprentice Program 2017

Subject: Apply to Indspire’s BBF: Bursaries, Scholarships and Awards program August 1st Deadline

Indspire’s BBF: Building Brighter Futures Bursaries, Scholarships and Awards program has an upcoming deadline of August 1st for Indigenous students attending:
• A full-time college or university program that is at least 8 months in length for the 2017-2018 year.
• An Apprenticeship, Skilled Trades or Technology part-time or full-time certificate or diploma program (1 month to 4 year programs)

It’s important to note that students are eligible to apply even if they are already receiving government or band funding for their education.

A brand new, easier application has been developed and is available online at Almost every question in this new application offers a suggestion, definition or explanation to support students in completing it. All documents may be submitted in a variety of formats, including uploading a picture of the document.
A required document checklist is attached to this email for your convenience.
If you have any questions or concerns, or you are in need of support to complete your application, please feel free to contact Indspire staff are happy to assist you in completing your application. See application below:

BBF Application Checklist - EN - 2017-2018

For all those interested in a continuing education opportunity entitled - Indigenous Culture, History and Contemporary Issues - as per the poster below. We encourage interested persons to review the poster for registration information and additional information.

Final Announcement Theology Continuing Education Camp

For all those Glooscap First Nation students seeking post-secondary education assistance please see the attached June 15th deadline notice for applications.

Reminder of the deadline - June 15

Aboriginal Health Science Camp 2017 

The Nova Scotia Construction Sector Council Halifax is holding a Skills Trade Fair for aboriginal youth in Grades 9 - 12 and students attending Adult Learning Programs.  This three day exploration into the Trades will provide a hands-on learning experience with individuals who are experts in the industry.  The dates are November 6th to 8th with travel provided.  Please refer to the posters below for more information.



Are you an aboriginal student who is curious about university and between the ages of 15 and 18.  Want a chance to explore opportunities.  The Mount is having a mini university camp and you are invited.  Please see the poster below.  I would also like to pass along that there will be a flag raising ceremony taking place on this day as well.  At 1:00 Friday September 30, the Mount will be raising the Grand Council Flag as a permanent installation.  Please pass this information on to as many people as you can we would love to see as many community member present to witness this historic event!


The Glooscap First Nation Education Program is in the process of providing its annual school supply support to its member students.  For those who have not yet applied for the assistance please find attached the application form for your use.

Financial Assistance Form - 2016


About the UIT Diploma Program:

  • The Diploma received through CBU/UIT is worth 45 university credits which can be carried forward to further education.
  • The program is 10 months long with class commitments of Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 3pm.
  • Students learn how to code, design products and how to become an entrepreneur.
  • Students can expect to get a job in the tech industry or start a tech company.
  • The program currently has funding for First Nations females through TD Bank and would like to offer that funding to the right candidate.
  • Entrance requirements are a high school education or equivalent, mature student status is also accepted.
  • Applicants should have an interest in business and technology but no previous experience is required in either business or coding.
  • If students have an idea for a mobile app, we can help them build it and take it to market.
  • Huge networking opportunities within the tech sector and UIT community.
  • Students are registered at CBU and receive all the benefits of being a UIT student including access to residence, health coverage and meal plans, and student union, scholarships and bursaries.

Attached please find the UIT brochure.  Also Heather Deveaux, Community Coordinator, UIT Startup Immersion is copied on this message if you require further information and her phone number is 902-322-5839.  Also please check out there website at:



Please find below the links for the Junior Health Science Camp poster and application.

Application Form for the Aboriginal Health Science's Junior University-2016

Junior Science Camp Poster-PRN copy


The Education Director oversees primary and secondary education for on-reserve band members. This includes meeting regularly with the Principals of the local schools that our on-reserve youth attend. The Education Director is also responsible for promoting cultural awareness, holistic learning and programming in school curricula. The Education Director is the Mi’kmaq representative of the Annapolis Valley School Board (AVRSB). Currently the Education Director sits on three AVRSB committees: Education; Human Resources; and Race Relations, Cross-Cultural Understanding and Human Rights.

We try to encourage and promote all forms of student success. To ensure learning, on-site computers are available in GFN for students at the GFN store. We also provide tutoring and mentoring programs. We work with mature students to receive their GED and also have programs through METs. The Education Director works with the Economic Development Officer, the Native Employment Officer, the Recreation director and health staff to support all aspects of student learning.

Post-secondary Education (PSE) is administered through the Education Director for all band students. Post-secondary applications must be submitted to the Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq (CMM), and a committee, which includes GFN’s Education Director, assesses the applications. PSE students should direct their questions to Marlene Martin at CMM.  It is imperative that applications for post-secondary education are received by June 15.  Applications after that date will not be accepted.

First Nations Films at

The Indigenous and Blacks and Mi'kmaq Intiative at Dalhousie will be hosting an information session the weekend of October 3-4, 2014. If your interested in attending law school, please see the add on the Glooscap First Nation Facebook site or go to